If you are new to the club then please book your FREE taster session with Head Coach Brenden on 07971 313858. Call or text with your name and your enquiry.

Last updated 1/2/20

As we are a bespoke Club – our TIMETABLE does change quarterly – based on attendance. This is so we can promote the most popular classes keeping up with our students demands.

Equipment needed

  • 16oz Boxing / Muay Thai gloves.
  • Muay Thai shin guards.
  • BJJ / Judo Gi
  • Shorts & T-shirt (Rashguard) suitable to train in both for NoGi / Wrestling and our striking classes.
  • Avoid wearing clothing with Zips that could injure you or your training partners – Or wearing clothing that may restrict your movement when training.

You’ll need specific equipment to join in with our classes. The list above tells you what you’ll need to attend. If you haven’t any of the above – please contact Brenden before joining in to avoid disapoinment.