Local lad, Brenden Flanagan – already an accomplished MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor under Carlson Gracie UK since 2007 – decided to bring his love of MMA to his home town of Bracknell. Opening in April of 2013 as BODYZONE COMBAT. We relaunched in January of 2014, with a new team and under the new banner “The Bat Cave MMA Gym”.

“TEAM BATCAVE” as it’s now known – is Bracknell’s flag ship gym for all your mixed martial-arts needs. Our local coaches have all competed in their chosen disciplines – offering a more personal approach to their coaching.

Officially affiliated with the world famous Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team, you’ll be training with our talented students from beginners all the way up to black belts, which you won’t find anywhere else locally.

If striking is your preferred hobby, then our experienced coaches, along with our Boxers and Kickboxing students, will help you develop and even compete if you desire

We have a variety of students who train for various reasons – whether it’s for fitness, social or with competitive goals in mind, we can guide you in the right direction. The rest is up to you.

We’ve designed our timetable to help those wanting to practice a variety of martial-arts and combat sports. The timetable also helps those looking to focus on individual areas like striking – with our boxing and kickboxing classes. Or to focus purely on grappling – like BJJ and Wrestling.

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