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Club Relaunch

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve had to evolve our classes to meet the new government guidelines. We relaunched in August with our first phase whilst we found our feet.

September saw back our popular Boxing and Kickboxing classes, along side our Bag Circuits during our second phase of the relaunch. These sessions involving both paired and solo based training, whilst acting on current government guidelines.

From October, we’ve welcomed back our Wrestling coach Nick Ko, offering his expert training with added social distancing. Our other grappling classes (BJJ / NoGi) will stay suspended to beginners till further notice. But we welcome any experienced students for track and trace training. Please speak to Brenden in regards to your eligibility to join in.

Once the government allows full contact training and increased class numbers, we can reintroduce all classes to all members. We want to keep you feeling safe and comfortable whilst you train. Working together with social distancing and training bubbles, we’ll get through this and come out stronger than ever.

Myself and the whole team thanks you for your support.

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