Our Members Only Club is £65pm + £15 joining fee – book your taster class before signing up if you haven’t already


Your membership will be a “one month” rolling contract after your first payment has been made.

You’ll owe a pro-rata and £15 joining fee before starting. Your pro-rata is a calculated amount between the day you joined and the day your first Direct Debit is due to come out.

Your pro-rata and joining fee can be made payable at the club in cash or by bank transfer.

If you need to cancel at any point, You’ll need to submit your 1 months notice in writing to DFC or with Brenden directly.

Note: You’ll be signing up to a legally binding contract. If you cancel your Direct Debit without any official notice. DFC will have the legal writes to fine you, on top of collecting any money owed.

You need to be 17yrs+ to join with a valid bank account in your name. Please read the T&C’s below before joining. You can contact Brenden for further information on 07971 313858.

T&C'S Sign Up