Our members only club has been designed to help you develop trust with your training partners. This will also help you form strong friendships, whilst pushing one another through our challenging Classes. You will recieve a FREE t-shirt when you join to get you started as a training superhero here at Team BATCAVE.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Here at Team BATCAVE – our membership begins with a 3 month contract – then switches to a 30 day rolling contract. This will guarantee you’ll establish a strong foundation to build on with the team. Please note – Your first payment will include a £15 set up fee – Plus an arrears amount between the day you join and your first payment.

If you need to cancel at any point, you’ll need to submit your 30 days notice by email directly to DFC or with Brenden personally. But this can only be after the initial 3 month period has been fulfilled. Please contact Brenden for further information.

You need to be 16yrs+ to join with a valid bank account in your name. Please read the T&C’s here before joining.

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