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Discover what we offer at TEAM BATCAVE

Here at Team BATCAVE we have a number of classes with our popular Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Grappling classes. Through Boxing and Kickboxing you’ll develop hand-eye coordination, core strength and cardiovascular fitness. Whilst our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, NoGi and Wrestling classes offer the ultimate in full body workout. As well as self-defence training.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve had to re-develop the timetable and evolve as a gym. This includes how we will deliver our classes under the new goverment guidelines.

We will be kicking off the re-launch with Circuit based Boxing and Kickboxing classes. Team BATCAVE have invested in more boxing bag equipment to cover over a dozen stations around the gym for this very situation. Our grappling classes will differ to before covid-19 – as we follow the new government guidelines. Working together with social distancing and training bubbles, we’ll get through this together and come out stronger then ever.

This will ease as the months pass and we eventually can train together how we used to. But until then – the whole team thanks you for your patience.


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